Our history

I.A.P. International Automotive Parts Srl was established in 1989 alongside another company belonging to the group, which was already specializing in components both for former American military vehicles and industrial applications.

From the very beginning, I.A.P. specialized exclusively in the import and sale of original spare parts for main Japanese vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, and 4x4 vehicles such as Land Rover or Jeep.

Over the years, imported spare parts allowed us to meet very different needs, so much so as to be able to count on a range of thousands of items including parts for engines as well as mechanical, braking, electrical and body parts for Japanese, Korean American and 4x4 cars in general.

As market requirements changed, in 1995 I.A.P. decided to add a new line of aftermarket products to the marketing of original spare parts by creating the QUALITY PARTS® registered trademark.
The direction in which the company keeps specializing more and more was set out through the Quality Parts® program not only to fully satisfy the demands of fast moving items but also of engine rectification parts (with one of the most extensive and specific programs which exist in Europe), transmission parts, hydraulic and braking parts, steering and suspension parts.

The foregoing specialization enabled I.A.P. to achieve many distribution agreements with leading Asian manufacturers, allowing it to select higher quality products without compromising on commercial competitiveness. Many of these products are in fact used in the first plant or are manufactured by leading groups of the sector.

Our extensive professional experience led us to publish numerous catalogs and documentation on the products dealt with as well as the first edition of the general Quality Parts® catalog.  
The general catalogue , the real-time updated version of which is on this website, contains various car models and all the parts available for each specific vehicle and is an effective and irreplaceable tool for anyone working in this sector.

The vastness of I.A.P.'s spare parts program allows the company to meet customer demands in terms of service, quality, price, professionalism and parts traceability thanks to the wide availability of spare parts ready in stock.

Quality PartsĀ® means quality in the alternative spare parts market and I.A.P. would like to be your specialist in the components field for Asian, American and 4x4 cars.

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